Wholesale Customer vs. Wellness Advocate

Both Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate

  • Pay the $35 enrollment fee unless they purchase a kit
  • Pay the $25 renewal fee
  • Qualify for wholesale prices 25% off
  • Earn LRP and SRP points
  • Are eligible for monthly promotions

Wholesale Customers Only

  • Don’t have to enter their SSN
  • Cannot qualify for bonuses, commissions or sell at retail
  • Cannot have a downline
  • Will not have a retail website

**It’s easy for a wholesale customer to upgrade to a wellness advocate.  Sign into their doterra.com account and click on upgrade to an advocate.  Enter your SSN.  That’s it!

**When a person is a wholesale customer for 90 days or more, then upgrades to a wellness advocate, the enroller gets another 14 days to move the enrollee.


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