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Psst….wanna know my homestead secret?  The tool I use for cleaning, cooking, hygiene, health, animal care and more? 

Yes, I want to know!

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Are you interested in natural solutions for your health and home? Are you searching for a natural way to care for yourself and your family but don’t know where to start? I’m a certified aromatherapist and natural wellness coach with 8 years of experience.  Schedule your free consult.
Do you love to help others?  Are you a hard worker with a drive to succeed?  Are you interested or passionate about natural solutions for health?  Are you tired of all the negative effects our current health system has on your friends and family? Schedule a free consult to go over the business opportunity to join my team of over 500 wellness advocates.
I offer exclusive business coaching to entrepreneurs on my team.  Schedule your coaching session to launch your business and help others find natural solutions for their health.

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Would you like to make your plants happy?  Try container gardening with essential oils. We are ready to start gardening in my area.  I love homegrown herbs and veggies. How about you?  A few years ago I started raised beds. This year, I plan to do more container...

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Homeschooling is singularly challenging; nonetheless, it is one of the best bonding experiences any family can have, and you're guaranteed to generate a lifetime of memories. But, anyone contemplating the homeschool route needs to conduct some research before forging...

Natural Toothbrush Sanitizer with OnGuard | Essential Homestead

There's lots of toothbrush sanitizer recipes out there but this one is simple, effective and natural! On Guard is my all-purpose solution for cleaning and sanitizing everything in my house. Now, I know, you usually don't think about cleaning your toothbrushes. But...

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