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BOGO doTERRA Offers – Never Miss Out on a Free Essential Oil

doTERRA is always surprising us with BOGO offers. This bogo deal is for everyone whether you are an occasional retail buyer or a loyal member. Would you like to be notified when these BOGO's are offered? Would you like to enter into daily giveaways when you purchase a...

Let’s Work Together….

Are you interested in natural solutions for your health and home? Are you searching for a natural way to care for yourself and your family but don’t know where to start? I’m a certified aromatherapist and natural wellness coach with 8 years of experience.  Schedule your free consult.

Do you love to help others?  Are you a hard worker with a drive to succeed?  Are you interested or passionate about natural solutions for health?  Are you tired of all the negative effects our current health system has on your friends and family? Schedule a free consult to go over the business opportunity to join my team of over 500 wellness advocates.  

I offer exclusive business coaching to entrepreneurs on my team.  Schedule your coaching session to launch your business and help others find natural solutions for their health.

Fresh from the Blog

Diffuser Bracelet Giveaway – February 2018

Enter to win our February 2018 diffuser bracelet giveaway.  Multiple chances to enter this month. There are many reason to wear a diffuser bracelet.  One drop can do amazing things, such as: Uplift the mood Calm anxious feelings Reduce stress Help with focus Promote...

DIY Lotion Bars for Dry Winter Skin

Dry skin is a common complaint as the air gets cold and dry and our skin doesn’t know quite how to acclimate without ample moisturization. Try these DIY lotion winter bars.  They smell wonderful, and are GREAT for your skin. DIY lotion bars are...

Sparkle Snowflake Art Project for Gradeschoolers

Here's a simple to do sparkle snowflake art project to do on a winter day.  My girls enjoy art projects, I think most kids do.  They love to take a break from the regular homeschool work and do something fun. It's a cold, snowy day here so I...

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