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Is homeschooling for you?  Debunking the myths associated with homeschooling.

I’ve gotten alot of questions and comments over the years.  Some things have weighed on my heart so I thought I’d write about it here. I also write these blog posts for my daughters as a reference.

Do I think everyone should consider homeschooling?  A resounding YES!  (Even if you don’t homeschool full time…all active parents homeschool to some degree.)

Is homeschooling for everyone? No

I know some may not have the means, ability nor desire to school your child. If that’s you then read no further.

I’m talking to those that would like to teach their child at home or expand on their current education system but don’t know where to start, feel inadequate or indecisive.
So what kind of qualities does it take to homeschool (in my experience)?

1- Commitment & Determination! Being committed to teach your child whether they get it in 1 lesson or it takes 20.

2- Understanding that you don’t have to know it all to teach.  We have so much knowledge at our fingertips.  This is the easiest time in history to find the correct answer and teach it to your child.

3- A desire to give your child the best education possible.  I don’t mean this in a derogatory way.  Homeschooling may not be the best education for your particular child but If you don’t have a deep desire that they have the best education then homeschooling will be difficult for you, the parent.

4- Confidence! Once you decide to homeschool, don’t be swayed.  Be confident that God’s in control and you are walking out His plan for your child.  You will get all kinds of opposition from friends, family or church members.  Some may surprise you. Some may hurt or offend.  Know that you are doing what’s best for your family and stick with it.

What are my reasons to homeschool? My husband and I desire to be the ones to teach our children.  We want to prepare them with Godly teaching.   We want to be active in molding and shaping their hearts; developing their gifts and callings.  We believe all learning comes from God. After all, He created all things, including math.  We want them to know how each subject correlates with God’s Word.  So we want all learning to be centered around God.  When God is at the center it’s amazing how much your child will learn.

Has it been easy.  A big, fat NO!  Has it been worth it?  YES! On that note, I’d like to debunk some myths about homeschooling:

Myth #1: Homeschoolers lack socialization. 


Statistics show something very different.  Homeschoolers excel in all areas of socialization, communication and maturity.


Myth #2: Homeschoolers don’t excel at education.




Statistics show they excel an average of 30% higher on standardized tests over non-homeschoolers.  They continue to excel thru college.



Myth #3:  Homeschoolers can’t play sports.

Many states are allowing homeschoolers to participate in public school sports.  Here’s an article about Texas passing the “Tebow Bill”.    Other states are lobbying to adopt this bill as well.   You can check for the rules in your state.  Even if your child can’t play with public school kids there are many, many other sports teams they can join.  But even if they can’t, sports don’t outweigh what’s best for your child’s heart. And that’s the goal all parents should have, right?  Parenting your child’s inner world.

Myth #4: Homeschooling makes it hard to get into a good college.

More and more colleges are actively recruiting and giving scholarships to homeschoolers.   Homeschoolers score higher on ACT/SAT.  A high school transcript is not required to enter college (at least not the majority).  Check out some statements from colleges.  You can read more here.

The Dartmouth College (NH) admissions officer explained, “The applications I’ve come across are outstanding. Homeschoolers have a distinct advantage because of the individualized instruction they have received.”

University of Alaska/Fairbanks has had over 300 home-educated students in the last few years, several of which were in their honors program. The program director, Mary Dicicco commented, “They have been wonderful students on the whole!”

Staff from Geneva College (PA) and Belhaven College (MS) are actively recruiting homeschoolers by going to homeschool conferences and book fairs to talk to parents and students about admissions.

“Homeschoolers have to work harder thereby increasing student productivity,” Jeff Lantis said of the 75-90 homeschoolers at Hillsdale College (MI). “Homeschoolers are consistently among our top students, in fact homeschoolers have won our distinct Honors Program the last three years in a row. We tend to look very favorably upon homeschoolers applying to our college.”


So, if you have the desire and feel God is calling you to homeschool then trust in Him to walk it out and make provisions.  After all, you can do all things thru Christ who strengthens you.


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