Is your garden eaten up with bugs? Are you looking for some homemade garden insect control recipes?

You no longer need a green thumb to protect your garden from common pests… all you need are some essential oils and water! Spray a mixture of water and a few drops of the specified oil onto the leaves of your crops and watch the pests disappear!  I use 1 drop essential oil per fluid ounce of water. 
Homemade Garden Insect Control

Homemade Garden Insect Control

You can repeat spraying the blend after heavy rains or every 2-3 weeks. 
You’ll notice that peppermint is listed for most bugs so peppermint makes a great all purpose spray for the garden.   This is all I use most of the time.  If I want to kill the bugs I sprinkle some Diatomaceous Earth as needed. 

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