Are you looking for ways to keep the chicken coop clean?

There are many ways to keep the chicken coop clean but I only clean mine twice a year.  Yes!  You heard that right.  Does it stink?  No way!  This deep litter method works great for our homestead.  Give it a try, you won’t be sorry. 

keep the chicken coop clean

First, cover your nose!  You don’t want to inhale what you are about to clean out.  Lol


Next, scrap everything out!  Almost done in these pics.



I also use a natural mixture of vinegar and water, 50/50 with a few drops of lemon essential oil.  Spray the coop and wipe down.

Then, place your new bedding.  I like to use a layer of sand and peat moss. Some people think peat moss is too dusty but I’ve had less trouble from it than straw. Wood shavings need cleaned too often. My favorite is peat moss because its safe if they eat it, it keeps down the smell, and it can be turned easily to keep the coop cleaner. I only have to deep clean twice a year.


Feel free to share your favorite way to clean a coop around your homestead!

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