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Have you heard of the hilarious tape ball game?  This is a great game for groups.  All ages can play and there’s no limit on the number of people.  I’m going to make this a family tradition.  My daughter and I loved taping up all the gifts and gags.  We can’t wait to play!

Supplies needed:

Candy, trinkets, gag gifts, socks, any fun prizes, tape, wrapping paper, plastic wrap, a pair of dice


How to make your tape ball:

The basic idea is to use wrapping paper, plastic wrap and packing tape to wrap your prizes layer by layer.  Start with a noise maker in the center like a jingle bell or rattle.  Once you’ve wrapped the center continue wrapping layer by layer of toys, prizes, money, socks, etc.  Make sure every layer has something wrapped into it.  Continue wrapping and taping until you have the size of a basketball.  If it’s make too small the game will be over quickly.


Playing the Game:

Sit in a circle.  Youngest person goes first.  Going counter clockwise, hand the dice to the person sitting to the right of the person with the tape ball.

At, “Ready, Set, Go”, the person with the tape ball begins unwrapping as many layers as they can as quickly as they can.  Anything they manage to unwrap they keep.  (This is not as easy as it sounds.)

At the same time, the person with the dice rolls again and again until they get doubles.  Once the second person gets doubles, the ball and dice are passed to the right.

The cycle continues around and around the circle until the ball is unwrapped.

It’s that easy and loads of entertainment.  Have fun creating your tape ball 🙂

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