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Bath Salt Ornaments + Printable Tags

Do you enjoy homemade gifts? I appreciate them more now than I did in my younger days.  I love receiving a gift that someone put time and effort into creating.  I also love giving homemade gifts too.  So I decided to share this simple idea.  I'm making some of these...

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4 Ways to Winterize Strawberry Plants

Which method do you use to winterize strawberry plants? Strawberry plants need some care even after the growing season is over.  Why?  Because strawberries create future buds at the end of the growing season.  For this reason, it's imperative to winterize strawberry...

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A Complete Guide to the Nutritional Needs of Chickens

Do you know the nutritional needs of chickens? Introduction: Chicken diets compose a combination of different food sources, including cereal grains, minerals, and vitamins. If mixed with fresh water, these factors will offer the right level of nutrients and energy...

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How to Make Calendula Ointment

Have you tried Homemade Calendula Ointment? Calendula, also known as "pot marigolds" are annual flowers that bloom constantly throughout the growing season.  Calendula ointment has become popular for its medicinal properties.  They are easy to grow and preserve the...

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Essential Oils During Pregnancy – Top 10 Recipes

What is the correct way to use essential oils during pregnancy?  Which are safe and how should they be applied? The first three months, even the first three weeks, are a precious time of rapid development for your baby. It’s important to take extra caution during this...

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DIY Nature Crafts for Kids

Do you love the outdoors like we do?  Then you'll enjoy these DIY Nature Crafts for Kids. It's almost that time again.  Back to school with the kiddos.  My family chooses to homeschool, at least for now.  So we are starting school after Labor Day.  One of the perks to...

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Deep Mulch the Garden with Hay

Have you seen the new trend?  How to deep mulch the garden with hay? Or maybe, it's just new to me. Yes, I thought it was silly at first too.  My husband thought I was crazy to even try to deep mulch especially with hay.  He kept telling me the hay would seed and make...

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Easy DIY Slime with Scent and Glitter

Are you looking for an easy DIY slime recipe? Checkout this recipe from the Sister Scenes.  These girls demonstrate their easy DIY slime recipe with optional glitter and custom scent.  This stuff is super cool and easy for children to create.  Bonus:  it doesn't stick...

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Homemade Garden Insect Control Recipes

Is your garden eaten up with bugs? Are you looking for some homemade garden insect control recipes? You no longer need a green thumb to protect your garden from common pests… all you need are some essential oils and water! Spray a mixture of water and a few drops of...

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