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Homemade Face Powder – All Natural and Clean

Making your own homemade face powder is super simple.   With just a few all natural and clean ingredients, you can have your own makeup in a matter of minutes. If you are already making your own non toxic cleaning or hygiene supplies, this may sound like fun.  If you...

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Should Cursive Handwriting Come First?

What do you think?  Should a kindergartener learn cursive handwriting or manuscript first? USA Today reports 41 states no longer require that cursive is taught in schools. I taught my preschooler manuscript than cursive while in kindergarten.  I feel the cursive has...

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Diffuser Bracelet Giveaway – February 2018

Enter to win our February 2018 diffuser bracelet giveaway.  Multiple chances to enter this month. There are many reason to wear a diffuser bracelet.  One drop can do amazing things, such as: Uplift the mood Calm anxious feelings Reduce stress Help with focus Promote...

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DIY Lotion Bars for Dry Winter Skin

Dry skin is a common complaint as the air gets cold and dry and our skin doesn’t know quite how to acclimate without ample moisturization. Try these DIY lotion winter bars.  They smell wonderful, and are GREAT for your skin. DIY lotion bars are...

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Sparkle Snowflake Art Project for Gradeschoolers

Here's a simple to do sparkle snowflake art project to do on a winter day.  My girls enjoy art projects, I think most kids do.  They love to take a break from the regular homeschool work and do something fun. It's a cold, snowy day here so I...

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Taco Soup Instant Pot – Trim Healthy Mama S Meal

This taco soup recipe is great for the whole family.  My kids love it as is but if your family isn't on a Trim Healthy Mama S plan you can serve this with Rice, Tostitos or Black Beans. Taco Soup is super simple and quick in the Instant Pot.   Ingredients: 2 lb...

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Monthly Giveaway – Diffuser Necklace & Citrus Bliss

Win a diffuser necklace! We are giving back to our readers this year with giveaways. In this month's giveaway, you can enter to win a diffuser necklace with a bottle of Citrus bliss essential oil. Citrus Bliss is an invigorating oil.  Citrus Bliss is a combination of...

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Fried Cabbage and Smoked Sausage Recipe

My husband likes to do this as a family tradition.  We are both from the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia.  I was curious, why did our families cook cabbage on New Year's.  I don't know why I had never questioned this before.  What does this tradition signify? ...

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Top 10 Homestead Posts of 2017

Each year, I dive into my blog statistics to find the top 10 homestead posts of the year.  I share them at the end of the year for ease of reference.  Readers have found these posts the most useful.  I hope you enjoy revisiting these favorites! Top 10 Homestead Posts...

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