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Hi, I’m Tracy !

I’m a wife, homeschooling mama of 2, modern-day homesteader and certified aromatherapist.  We live on 55 acres in the Appalachian Mountains.

A little about me:

* I’m a follower of Jesus Christ.  I love God and try to obey Him.  I believe God has given us the resources to be healthy on this earth.

* I love my husband and children.  I feel called to teach my children at home.

* I’m a bit of a pc nerd…majoring in computer science.

* I use natural remedies and essential oils.  I have used oils since 2010. I have become passionate about sharing my love for oils because they have helped my family in so many ways.  Follow my blog, facebook, instagram and pinterest to explore the ways I use essential oils.

* I try to incorporate whole, organic foods into my families diet.  There’s much research on the harm pesticides and chemicals can do to our bodies.

* I love my chickens and cattle.  I was not raised on a farm but have become passionate about living a natural lifestyle.

* I love to learn!  I’m a book worm and I love to research things for myself.

My journey into modern day homesteading all began when we purchased our land to build a home to hunt.  Little did we know, we would be building a barn, fences, chicken coops and such.  I never intended to be a homesteader but here I am and my family loves it.

I believe most people have a bit of homesteading spirit in them.  I started this blog to share these experiences with you and help you explore the ideas of simple, natural living.  I hope these posts can inspire you to live a more natural lifestyle whether you live in the country or a high rise apartment.

Are you ready to experience natural living?

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